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 About Dian Freeman
Certified in Clinical Nutrition, Master Holistic Health Counselor, MA, Doctoral Candidate at Drew University , Madison, NJ
Founder and teacher of  the nutrition school, Wellness Simplified, which has graduated over 800 students in over 15 years
With decades of clinical experience with thousands of clients
Dian's interest in studying and practicing traditional   healing arts began  in the nineteen seventies.  In the early nineteen nineties  she contracted  an illness that   was misdiagnosed  by medical doctors for years.  By the time the correct medical treatment was initiated, her health had deteriorated dangerously and the conventional medical protocol only served to degrade her health to a life threatening degree.

At this point, she discontinued medical care to study holistic healing in earnest.  Over time, by experimenting and initiating many holistic protocols, she did bring her illness under control and has managed it ever since.  In doing so, she attended courses for credit  in cities all over the United States to gain the knowledge to bring her good health back.

 Those who knew her when she was ill and watched her transformation back to good health began asking her advice for themselves and their loved ones.  Her good advice and personal attention has served them well.  The referral list kept building and thus, led her to this new profession.

Today Dian shares her knowledge through lectures, workshops and  private consultations.  She considers it a success when her clients no longer need her but have learned from her how to maintain their own good health.  She believes that the more one knows about one's own  body, the more probable one will correctly maintain it, share what they learn with others and use it on their families.

In 2018 Dian will be completing in-class instruction at an  accredited University for her Doctorate in Medical Humanities at Drew University, Madison NJ.  She is writing as her Doctoratorial Dissertation a book to be published by a national publishing house. This book will cover her decades of holistic healing experiences with thousands of clients and students.

"Good health habits can be contagious.  We should
 all learn how to keep our vital systems in balance
so that we might express our unique biological,
intellectual and emotional
gifts  to the fullest."
  Our Philosophy:
To promote health self-sufficiency through education
It is our intent to guide others towards a new "norm" in healthcare and to mentor them as long as needed. Many medical methods, pharmaceutical paradigms and surgical solutions only serve to mask health problems with therapies designed to insure doctor dependency. These treatments often do not address the causes of ill health or premature aging.  The human body was designed to repair itself and given the right natural tools it can do so, even under today's adverse conditions.

By using modern scientific studies, historical therapies, traditional remedies and energy medicine we hope to educate others to the dangers of being guided by medical and chemical solutions and toward greater knowledge of how their bodies' work and how to self-repair.  Through the exposure of how the practices and products of the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries often sabotage common sense efforts toward healthy living, we hope to empower others, through education, to make better decisions about maintaining their own health and well being.

"Informed consent can be effectively exercised only
if the patient possesses enough information
to enable an intelligent choice"
                                                        AMA, 1999

 About Accreditation to be a Nutritionist
or a Naturopathic Practitioner

There is no overall national governing body for certifying or licensing nutrition or naturopathy.  No privately attained certifications are recognized in this State, NJ, or nationally.  Which is a fact we wish to continue because when the State or the Nation gets involved, they set out criteria that all certified or licensed people must follow.  When this happens, the creative art of a practice goes out the window as all practices become standardized.  I encourage and teach creativity in the art of healing.  There are some States that license and certify nutritionists, but those licenses and certifications are given by, tested by and the criteria is determined by that State's requirements alone.

All people working as drug-less practitioners in holistic health are considered Naturopaths. Certifications and doctorates as nutritionist or naturopaths can be bought on-line by anyone taking an open-book test.  These un-trained folks are rarely successful. There is no association, American or otherwise, that is accredited in the fields of nutrition, holistic health, naturopathy or alternative care although several people have websites claiming to be credited authorities.  They accredit themselves.  As we know, anyone can purchase a website and claim anything they wish.  I will be opening my own such site to validate the certifications I award.  However, these certifications will be awarded only to those taught in-class by the people I have trained to teach.  No on-line or open-book courses will be awarded these certifications.

The only accredited Naturopathic Doctors, ND, are trained in a college or university setting for four years and are accredited by the AANMC, Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, the most famous of these being Bastyr University on the West Coast and The University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.  These potential NDs must complete four years of in-person classes that require additional internships before a doctorate is awarded.  Their training is very technical, scientific and clinical.  These college and University trained ND's are taught the use of pharmaceutical drugs when needed and some states license ND to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.  There are many quickie courses and open book tests that award the ND on-line.  These are not university trained people and often never had any in-class training, certainly not for four years.   All NDs, accredited or not, are taught to treat their patients in a clinical fashion...that is, to chase symptoms.  They answer each physical problem by prescribing a supplement or a drug to target only that problem.

When I attained a certification in clinical nutrition, I was trained in clinical modalities as well, yet I use only about 10% of that training in my practice because there is little of it that I found useful.  Clinical is all about chasing symptoms, usually by using man-made nutraceuticals.  I teach to look for the cause and to balance the system with natural products and practices (with fewer nutraceuticals) instead of simply addressing symptoms.  Once it is nourished we must trust the body to sort things out.  I teach to feed the body the nutrients it has been missing with food and supplements, then step back and trust the body to follow its brilliant design...to fix itself.  If, after a while symptoms do not abate, then we can chase those symptoms down with the supplements that help the body right itself.

Today, with the exception of the AANMC colleges and universities, the only accredited nutrition courses are taught by and for dieticians in mainstream American universities. Only a few short years ago, these universities taught real nutrition, that is, how to use food and supplements therapeutically to treat imbalances and illnesses.   But, the pharmaceutical/medical establishment put a stop to that by adopting dieticians as their 'nutritionists' and usurping nutritional training.  What I teach in my certification courses does not relate to any dietetics training.  Dieticians are now calling themselves 'medical nutritionists' which is an oxymoron in my experience and opinion.

I consider what I do and what I teach to be the opposite of that of a dietician's training.  I teach from my experience using many effective drugless methods to find the source of dis-ease and to bring the body back into balance by using a combination of the many natural and energetic tools available.

In this field, it is the experience and number of clients a practitioner has seen that is the factor that delineates their effectiveness and their value as a qualified teacher.  I teach from my decades of experience with thousands of clients.  There are no modern books that have been written that cover what I teach.  I will find time to write one soon....Dian



Brenda and LuAnn in Crystal Healing room 2010

Kerry and Diann

                                        Dian, Bibi, Andie                               
Any information from Dian's Wellness Simplified is not intended to replace competent medical advice.   
It is offered for educational purposes only.  
All information is based solely on our research, opinion and/or experience  and  is not meant to be prescriptive.