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Dian in new offices
1500 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Morristown, NJ
Spring graduation 2018

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 class
March  2018 Graduation celebration with plenty of goodies

Dian's Desk at Wellness Simplified with bowl of Ruby and Fucsite with more under the lamp

This mineral stimulates the heart chakra and assists one in the selection and attainment of ones ultimate values.  Ruby is known as a “stone of nobility”, gathering and amplifying energy while promoting and stimulating mental concentration.  It can also improve ones success in controversies and disputes, encouraging gentleness while discouraging violence.  It is an excellent shield stone, protecting on all levels and safeguarding ones consciousness from psychic attack.

In addition, it is said to represent once rise from martyrdom, the energy bringing support to assist one to recognize that the option exists with respect whether one needs or does not need to experience anguish, distress, and/or suffering.  It further assists one in relinquishing the need to experience the travails.

It further stimulates the loving emotional side toward nurturing, bringing spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge, and wealth.  It has been used to induce a stability in ones economic status; it has been said that as long as one retains a bit of Ruby, wealth will “never” depart.
In ancient cultures, it was also used in the practice of “casting lots”, to assist in the determination of resolutions and decisions. It is also said to have been used to protect the wearer/carrier against unhappiness, distressing dreams, and lightning.

It is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest. The energy of the Ruby is intense and vivid, bringing lucidity to the dream state and conveying understanding and control of the role and action of the mental state upon the physical realm.

The Ruby encourages one to follow bliss.  It is said that Ruby will light the darkness of ones life, giving birth to a spark of life which will progress throughout the body and spirit, conquering darkness on all levels.  The energy can assist one in changing ones world, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation.

It has been used in the treatment of fever, and heart disorders relating to blood flow through the ventricles.  It has been used to promote the decrease in the length of time required for chemicals and toxins to exit the body, and has assisted in the amelioration of the intake of caffeine, acting as a counter-balance energy to stimulants.  It has also been used to assist in the optimum formation of children in the embryonic state.

Vibrates to number 3.
Source: Love Is In The Earth, by Melody.


   Fuchsite assists in the understanding of   
   processes that are both adapting and
   dispersing.  It promotes the examination of
    issues related to basic foundations and
   personal concerns, including problems and
   solutions directly related to interactions with
   others and the material world, shared interest,
   vocational objectives, physical wellness, and

   During meditation with Fuchsite, one may
   access information concerning the
   maintenance of physical health, daily routine,
   schedules and scheduling, stress, pets,
   mainstream environments, co-workers, and

   Fuchsite also assists one in eliminating any
   part of servitude issues, bringing the light of
   knowledge of innate perfection to within the
   being of each person.  It further helps one to
   “bounce-back” after tense situations in the
   physical and/or emotional realm.

   Fuchsite has been used to enhance
   knowledge and right action in the fields of law
   enforcement, judgments (either for or against
   one), and holistic medicine.  When used in
   channeling activities, Fuchsite can bring
   information concerning herbal remedies and
   holistic remediation.

   It is one of those stones which also facilitates
   the transfer of energy from other minerals;
   hence, using this mineral in conjunction with
   other minerals during healing session
   promotes an increase in energy transfer.

   It has also been used in the balancing of red
   and white blood cell count, in the treatment of
  Tarsal and Carpal Tunnel Syndromes, to assist
   in the stabilization of the alignment of the
   spinal column, and to increase flexibility of

Vibrates to the number 9.

Source: Love Is In The Earth, by Melody.

Dian setting up for class 2014

        Dian and Lucy Working, March, 2012

Christmas gathering 2011
 Christmas gathering 2010

Muscle Testing Class 2008
LuAnn and Diann (Dee) 2010
Brenda 2010
Look!  Dian saved a little kitty!
Christina getting comfortable 2011                         Dian and Karita 2009
Francesca, Dootz and Mochy                  Miracle baby Angelina
Henry with Dootz 2012                                  Dian's Birthday Surprise 2009
                                                                     ...Thank You Ella!
Kerry and Diann (Dee)                                                                      Karita

Dian and Dr. Maity Essential Oils Class 2008
Dian and Lorrain 2009                                                          Dian & Linda           
Visit from NSP Corporate Team 2007

Dian in the Kitchen

Dian, Annette, Eric, Bibi and Andie

                                              Barbara with Elizabeth and Michael                                      Suzi & Kerry, 2008

Dian and Darryl
                                                                                  Kathy & Dian                                                                               BETH  & CASSIE   

                                                                                  BERNICE  & MARILYNN  (MOM)                                              ALAN & JANE

                                                                                               DIAN & TORI                                                   JOHN   (DAD)                                              

                                                                                   Luciano, David and Valentino                                            Elaine and Ella

Beverly with Dian