Nutritional Certification Course
Dian Teaching Fall/Winter 2015/2016                                      
Program classes held at Dolce Hotel and Resort, Basking Ridge, NJ                                       

Dian with some of the students
in the Fall/Winter class 2014
Program classes held at the Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, NJ


Program Classes will be held every other Sunday or Every other Thursday
(Weather and Holidays permitting)

Dian's Wellness Simplified
Morristown, NJ
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Graduates of Spring 2017 Program

Fall/Winter 2017 Sunday class dates:
(Subject to change due to weather, conferences or emergencies)
11am to 4pm
(Thursday classes begin September 14th and meet the Thursday before below listed  Sunday dates)
  Class                                           Sunday
        One                           September 17th
Two                            October 1st
   Three                        October 15th
Four                    November 5th
  Five                    November 19th
    Six                           December 3rd
Seven                   January 7th
 Eight                    January 21st
 Nine                     February 4th
      Ten                          February 18th
 Eleven                      March 4th
      Twelve                         March 18th


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Experts estimate that a staggering 98,000 people die from
preventable medical errors each year.  
More Americans die each month of preventable medical
injuries than died in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  
Source: Within health care hides massive, avoidable death toll

"In response to medical inadequacies and pharmaceutical damage,
drugless practices have a growing following in the U.S. with the advent of
Naturopathy, Holistic Health, herbalism and other natural therapies."
                                                                                                                      ~Dian Freeman
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       Course Snapshots                                    Accepting Deposits for Fall/Winter classes
      Graduation Snapshots                         Fall/Winter course begins October 9th, 2016 to April 2017
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      Course Description                            Get deposits in early as the course fills up   
      Course Lectures                                          Classes meet every other week   
       About Accreditation to be a                                 
     Nutritionist or a Naturopath                The Spring 2016 Course Has Graduated
                                                                                             September 25th, 2016
     Congratulations Graduates !!!!
Yippee ! Graduation - Congrats Danielle !

If you interested in being notified about future courses and classes
taught by Dian...
please call Kerry at 973 267-4816
to ask to be put on our Email notification list.

If you would like to reserve space in Dian's Nutrition course
call and make a $100 deposit to hold your space and
to set up your free student consultation with Dian

Dian Teaching Winter 2014
(showing off my NJ boots)

  There are no papers to write.  
It is adults who are taking this course
and they are taking it because they want to learn.
 I trust their decision as to how much they wish to put
into its study and how much they want to get out of it....Dian

     The course is given on Sundays and is scheduled to begin:
October 9th 2016
"There is not a epidemic or pandemic to fear
because of what one will learn here"

Graduates who take the tests and final exam will be Certified in Holistic Health
They graduate as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, CHHC

Graduates who do not wish to take the tests and final exam can audit the program
They graduate as a Holistic Health Counselor, HHC

Only the graduated students who have earned a CHHC, Certified Holistic Health Counselor,
Are eligible to continue at Wellness Simplified to take advanced and teaching programs

About thirteen years ago nutritionists and health practitioners who had obtained the CNC, IIN, NDs
 and other on-line course certifications elsewhere continually asked Dian to teach this course because
 the education they had received or the exams they had taken had not really prepared them
 to be hands-on nutritional, naturopathic or holistic counselors.  

On-line or, open-book tests do not qualify nutritionists
or Naturopathic Doctors, NDs.
But, in-class training in a licensed school taught by
 working practitioners with clinical experience do.  

Come join those who have learned from Dian's experience
Go to: About Accreditation to be a
             Nutritionist or a Naturopath

 Make sure that those who teach you how to be a practitioner have decades of experience in doing so.
Reading and teaching books cannot replace learning from decades of experience.  

Dian Freeman has decades of experience caring for thousands of clients
She has taught this nutrition course for over Fourteen years
and has graduated over 700 students,
many of whom are now working in the holistic health field.

This course is training for those who want to work
 in the natural health field,
 or for those who just wish to learn from Dian's decades of experience.

Internships are offered students who wish to gain experience
Internships are required for those who wish to take higher level programs

Dian's Wellness Simplified will be a business mentor of those
who go into practice for as long as they need
and will help her clients and students with their health for as long as they need

For those who just want to be supplement salesmen, or purveyors of predetermined
one-size-fits-all diet programs, any certification or designation is adequate.
But, for those who are interested learning how to deal with and treat each individual
 client as a unique person with unique needs using a bevy of modalities
combined with a personalized optimal diet and supplement program
this is the course to take and the CHHC is the designation to earn.
The CHHC certification (in holistic health), covers the combined use
of modern supplements, herbs, homeopatics, vibrational energy, food, color,
home remedies, crystals, energy body work, essential oils
and a mix of many of the traditional methods that have
served humanity well for tens of thousands of years.   

To be truly trained in a field, it is important to be taught in-person by trained teachers
who have had decades of experience in the field.  
Books do not teach, they inform, inexperience practitioners can only parrot books,
they are not personalized for each student's needs
and do not teach how to personalize protocols for each individual client.
Realizing this, I eventually agreed to teach this course.  
And, it has been very rewarding to do so.
I hope you can join us.

Dian at teaching desk March 2012

Dian teaching  August 2014  and October 2014

 This is a 6-month 12-Week Certification Course  
(The course meets 1-2 times a month)

Sundays or Thursdays 11am to 4pm
Dian teaching, December, 2007

Each student will also receive free private nutritional consultations and follow-ups with Dian

Join Us!
Learn to be a Nutritionist
from full-time practicing nutritionist,
Dian Freeman,
with decades of clinical experience
and over 14 years teaching this program
with over 700 graduated students

12 weeks - 6 months

 $100 deposit to hold space

Study for a career in holistic health
learn how to maintain good health and
prevent disease
for yourself, your family and your friends
The goal of this program is to prepare each student
to begin their own holistic practice.

After the course, Dian"s Wellness Simplified  will mentor interested students in the evaluation of their clients and in the business of nutrition until the student feels confident to practice alone.

Students and former students get special discounts on all events products and services at Dian's Center.

Advance and teaching programs are being designed for graduates to continue their education

Business meeting  will be given monthly which will include mock consultations for practice.

In program classes there are weekly tests covering the material learned the week before including the contents of assigned textbooks
All students can repeat missed classes or those they wish to take again, space permitting, at no charge. Five to ten seats will always be left open in each class for  former students to sit in.

Attendees have included Medical Doctors, MD's; Naturopathic Doctors, ND's; Chiropractors; Psychotherapists; Physical Therapists; Massage Therapists; Energetic Healers; Dentists; Nurses; Personal Trainers; Colon hydrotherapists; drug reps; dieticians; those who wish a new career; moms, dads, retirees and people who want to learn how their body works to stave off illness and premature aging for themselves and their families

Program auditing certificates as a Holistic Health Counselor, HHC, available for those who do not wish to take the exam to practice as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, CHHC
       Go To :
       Course Description                             Many have taken this course for their own use  
      Course Lectures                                        and do not intend to practice professionally
       Course Snapshots                                        but find that they later do after all
       Graduation Snapshots                          Former students can re-take this program for free
                                                                                                        for as many times as they like

Nutrient depletion has lead to a nation of people trying to function
 with chronic low-grade illnesses often made worse by the
pharmaceutical drugs taken in the effort to seek relief from these conditions.

   Dian Teaching Winter 2010                                 
Naturopathic Nutritional  Course Description
  For those who have expressed an interest in taking Dian's nutritional program for a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, CHHC, we have put together a letter of the course's content and intent. Let us know if there is anything you need clarified.  In Fall 2017 we will be offering two six-month programs.  One to be held on Sundays and one held on Thursdays.  If a student must miss their regularly schedule class, they have the opportunity to make up that same class as it is being offered on the other day or when it is taught again the following semester.   

The next six-month programs are  scheduled to begin Thursday September 14th, or Sunday, September 17th, 2017 .  Accepting deposits now for Fall/Winter 2017.  Get your reservation in early as we fill up.

Economists have determined that the natural health field is the fastest growing industry in the U. S. today. They project that this trend will continue for the next 10 years. Dian personally can attest to this truth because her practice continues to grow year after year.

Unfortunately, there are more people needing health advice than there are practitioners qualified to fulfill that role.  That is one reason why Dian has chosen teach a course sharing her experience and success in the field of nutrition.  She has trained over 700 students in the last fourteen years many of which are currently in practice. Those who have elected to become consultants using the HHC or CHHC solely as their certification are doing well a can count on mentorship at Dian's Wellness Simplified for as long as they want.

Each graduate of Dian's course will receive the a Holistic Health Counselor for auditing or a Certified Holistic Health Counselor certification, CHHC, for those who elect to take in-class tests and the final exam.  These certifications attest to the completion of 180 hours of in-class training given by a naturopath with many years experience practicing Holistic Health.  In-class training by a full time consultant carries more weight in the nutrition field than either on-line training, on-line exams or in-class training taught by schools, such as massage or other body-worker schools, whose instructors concentrate on other practices and are not full time nutritional practitioners.  Those who take Dian's course receive the benefit of her decades of experience exclusively in the field of nutrition and holistic health

Many who have taken on-line open book exams and have already received the CCN, CNC, the IIN, ND or other certifications prior to taking Dian's course have told us that they do not feel ready or qualified to start a nutritional practice. These practitioners have chosen to take Dian's course to learn more about how to practice nutrition, recommend supplements, start a nutritional business and how to become effective drugless practitioners.  

Professional people also take this course to add nutrition to their practices.  The graduates of Dian's course include medical doctors, chiropractic doctors, nurses, dieticians, Naturopathic Doctors, those with a Masters or PhD. in nutrition, psychotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, yoga instructions, moms, dads, retired people, people wanting to have a side business or a new career and those who just want to learn how the body works and how to keep it strong and youthfully healthy for as long as possible.

There are limited seats available for new students.  Seats are also reserved for former students who may wish to repeat the course at no extra cost or to make-up a previously missed class. After the deposit has been paid, arrangements can be made to pay for the remainder of the course in six payments at the beginning of each of the first month of class for those who do not wish to pay in a lump sum. Students who sign up with a friend, spouse or other family member are offered the second or third signee at half price. Family members of students are offered nutritional counseling at Dian's Wellness Simplified at half the consultation price. Credit cards are accepted.  

This is not a pay as you go class but a full 6-month program.  There are people who get shut out of these classes due to lack of space, so the commitment is for six months even if one chooses to pay monthly.  Many, if not most, graduates of Dian's course either take it again one or more times (at no additional cost) or come back to repeat some of the classes.  Students have appeared years later to re-take classes again and again throughout the years.  We are always happy to see them.  Dian loves to mentor her graduates.

Dian's graduated students are mentored by her for as long as they feel the need in their health and in their business.  

There are 10 books chosen by Dian that will be covered  in this program.  These books can be bought at Dian's or online. Each class meets twice a month for six months unless emergencies or holidays interfere with the schedule.  Ten classes will cover one book for about an hour.  The remainder of the class will cover what one needs to know to be a practitioner based upon Dian's experience.  Dian has found that in her experience, those who write books are rarely are ones who have observed results by running a thriving practice.  That is why so many nutrition books are contradictory.  Experience is the true tool of learning.  In this field. one should not presumed to teach without decades of in-practice experience.

This nutritional program will tie all the differing nutritional loose ends together thereby helping make heads or tails of the contradictions found in books on natural health and the various author's personal slant on nutrition. It will also cover Applied Kinesiology(muscle testing)supplement and food protocols, how to conduct a consultation and run a business, conditions that cause health problems and many of Dian's popular lectures on body systems and health conditions that can be used by students to build their own practice.
Both the Sunday and Thursday classes will be held from 11am to 4:00 pm . Snacks will be sitting out all day and students are welcome to bring their own snacks or some extra for the class. Rescheduling a class is possible if all the people attending the class are ok with the date changes requested.

 Many former students are now practicing holistic health practitioners in NY, NJ and PA.  
Many students come in from out of state...from NY, PA, CT and even MA.

The intent of all Dian's Wellness Simplified's programs and classes is to empower people to achieve self-knowledge and self-sufficiency on many levels.  Health freedom and the political challenges to sharing nutritional knowledge will be explored and discussed.  The role that vibrational energy plays in balancing the health of the body will be stressed in each class.  The involvement of emotional factors in disease will be explored.  The body can only right itself if all aspects of itself are balanced, i. e., the physical, energetic and emotional aspects.  

Dian's students are taught how to consult, advise, lecture and teach others to balance their body systems, and prevent disease through lifestyle changes, effective supplementation and better food choices.  There will also be weekend and evening meetings for former students with updates, speakers, intro to new products, business building and info sharing.  

For Dian, the reward of teaching this course is the satisfaction of knowing that she has helped develop scores of qualified people to share natural health knowledge in order to keep it alive despite the obvious political and economic forces that are attempting to censor all such information.

We are fortunate that New Jersey does not recognize or certify nutritionists.  Each State has it's own standards for regulation of nutritional practitioners.  Regulations, State endowed certifications or licensing can lead to censorship and oversight by a governing group that inevitably demands standardization of practice  which, in turn, disallows vision and creativity.  

Dian encourages each student to learn how to "connect the dots", be creative, initiate their own vision and develop their own style of practice given the tools they will learn from Dian's training, experience and successes.  

Each student will also receive a free private consultation with Dian (a $350 value) and will be considered her client as well as her student.  A discount is offered to family members of students.  The clients of students will also be offered discounted consults with Dian in order for the student to sit in and learn from such consultations.

Please let us know if you have any farther questions and if we can help in any way.

The course is very informative and a lot of fun and we hope you can join us.  

Give us a call today at 973-267-4816.  Hope to see you in class!

Each class will have a lecture by Dian
 with a packet of handouts that will be
given to the students for use in their future practices.

Dian's lectures will cover the practical information one really needs to know to
practice holistic nutrition based on the years of trial and error and experiences
Dian has gained in her practice.

A CHHC (Certified Holistic Health Counselor) diploma will be awarded
to each student who completes the tests and the final exam at end of the course.

A HHC (Holistic Health Counselor) diploma will be awarded to students who wish to audit
the 12 classes of the program but do not wish to take the tests or final exam

These certifications will state the student has completed 180 hours of in-class training.

The CHHC will specify that the graduate and has passed a final exam
 and will continue in an intern program to qualify for advanced training.

The certificates will be awarded by Wellness Simplified, signed by Dian Freeman
and designated as recognized by the
Holistic Traditions Foundation of America, HTFA
  Course lecture topics and CUE classes include:
Nutritional Overview - Blood Type Diet
Hormone Health- PMS, Menopause, Prostate
Fertility and pregnancy
Children's Health-Babies through teens
Brain Health- Dementia, ADD & ADHD, Cognitive Function
Blood Sugar  and Inflammation
Diet and Diet Aids- High protein/Low carb
Burnout- Anxiety, Depression, Adrenal Fatigue
Digestion and Elimination
Cleanse and Detox
Allergies and Addictions
Chronic Conditions- Candida, Hypothyroidism, etc
Cardiac Health & The Dangers of Low Cholesterol
Keeping a Natural Medicine Chest
The ABCs of Health
Applied Kinesiology-Muscle Testing
Emergency Preparedness
Traditional Diagnostics
Essential Oils- Aromatherapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine- Overview
Dental Health- Amalgams, fluoride, gum disease
Nutritional Politics- Vaccines, the UN Codex , DSHEA
pH Balancing- Acidosis and disease
Cancer, Alzheimer's and other Acute Diseases

An Advanced Holistic Health Counselor, AHHC courses will be offered
for graduates of Dian's CHHC course in order to gain
further in-depth and updated knowledge in the field of natural healing.
A certified teachers course is also being designed
Both will be under the auspices of the
Holistic Traditions Foundation of America, HTFA

 Course Snapshots:

Dian Teaching her Nutritional Course for the Holistic Health Certification
Winter 2016 at the Dolce Hotel and Resort, Basking Ridge NJ

Yipee !!! We graduated !!!
Winter 2015/2016 Class at Dolce Hotel and Resort, Basking Ridge

Spring 2016 with Kim, Franca and  

Snacks are always available in class

Plenty of  books and supplies available

Dian's desk with crystals and orbs are set up as students are arriving 2016

Before is  beginning to fill up
Dolce  Resort and Hotel, in the Amphitheater, Basking Ridge, NJ

Graduating class Fall winter 2014/2015
Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, NJ

A small but committed group
Congratulations Students of Thursday Class - Fall Winter 2013/2014
Thursday classes are always smaller than Sunday classes

Graduation Sunday class October 2014

Sunday Class October 2014                         Brenda with her girls

Congrats !!!
Dian with Christine and Joshua, October 2014

Graduation Thursday Class October 2014

                                     Dian & Johna  October 2014             Dian & Ian October 2014
                                          Thanks for my new crystal ball  Johna, I love it !!!                                                            

Dian with Class  Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Having fun with Thursday Class Winter 2013

Fall Winter 2013/2014 Sunday Group Graduation




Graduation April 2013

Taking a break..time for snacks

Dian Teaching Sunday 2013/2014 Winter class

Dian Teaching Thursday 2012/2013 Winter class

Loading in class at Old Mill Inn - Winter classes 2013/2014



Winter classes 2013/2014

Spring Summer 2012

March 2013 Classes have been moved to the Old Mill Inn
Outgrew my offices

Fall 2012

Fall 2011

Graduates Winter 2011

 Spring 2011

Spring  2011

Dian Teaching Spring 2011

Dian with Victoria and Joe
Snack time...taking a break

  Anne working                  Brian resting
Spring 2012 Thursday Group

Winter 2012


Winter 2011/2012 Sunday class

       Bret, Natasha, Susan   Sunday class 2011/2012  Maxine with the DRs Shulper

Spring 2010 Sunday Class

Winter 2011/2012 Thursday Class

Melissa and Christina  2011                   Terri  2004

Dian Teaching 2008

Spring 2010 Thursday Group

Sunday Class winter 2010

Thursday Class 2010

Thursday Class Winter 2009

Sunday Class 2008

Sunday Class Fall Winter 2008-2009

Barbara at break - there's always food setting out !

Linda and Ginger-Class Cutups

Food Break!

Marcia and Dian                                               Linda and Dian

Thursday Class Fall Winter 2008-2009

Thursday Class Fall Winter 2008-2009

Thursday Winter 2007/2008

2007 Class Sunday

Winter Sunday 2007-2008

Winter Sunday 2007-2008

Fall Winter  Sunday 2007/2008

Fall Winter  Sunday 2007/2008

    Annette and Mel discussing class notes        Beverly and Dian at Christmas

Fall/ Winter 2006/2007
Saturday Class Spring/Summer 2006
Thursday Class Spring/Summer 2006

Thursday Class Spring/Summer 2006

Sunday Class Spring/Summer 2006

The very first class that started it all  
Thank you Jamie, Jen,  Maria and Maria for talking me into teaching this course!

Join Us, this Course is lots of Fun!

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 Graduation Snapshots
(sometime we manage to get documentation of graduation...sometimes technology fails us)

Fall winter 2013/2014




Some snapshots of Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Class (Ipad not always function well)






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Any information from Dian's Wellness Simplified is not intended to replace
competent medical advice.   
It is offered for educational purposes only.  
All information is based solely on our research, opinion and/or experience
 and is not meant to be prescriptive.