Food & Diet
 "A high protein diet with sufficient high quality natural fats and limited amounts
 of low glycemic carbohydrates chosen from those listed for your
  blood type will result in the best healthy diet available."

Dr. Andrew Weil recommends 80-120 grams of protein
 each day, as does Dian!  

Keep in mind that the protein in an average chicken breast equals about 21 grams.
  Therefore, if one eats a chicken breast for breakfast, another for lunch and
 another for dinner, one would still fall way short of eating the
 minimum amount of protein each day needed to prevent
premature aging and loss of lean muscle mass.

We are made of protein not bagels, bread or even broccoli.
We must eat "self" to build "self."  Protein is seen by the body as "self."
A diet of enough protein, good natural fat and basic core supplements will help prevent premature aging and disease.

Alex helping himself to Manchego sheep cheese , whole spelt crackers,
 a variety of fruits, mixed nuts and nut butters.  


All our recommended food choices center around protein eaten 4-6 times a day plus some fresh fruit (always eaten with protein); lots of fresh green vegetables with a low consumption of non-wheat, non-corn whole grains and low glycemic starch vegetables.  No grains and no starch is best if there are any stress, blood sugar, inflammation, brain or bowel issues.

Protein sources should be selected from the list that shows what is right for your blood type. These should include: goat and sheep dairy (non-cow dairy), nuts and seeds, soy, eggs, fish and meats (except pork).

Natural quality fats are necessary in the diet for brain health; skin elasticity and impermeability; muscle flexibility and bowel and joint lubrication.  Low fat diets cause a breakdown of the balance of the physical and mental bodies.  Natural fats include: olive oil, butter, nut oils, coconut oil, flax oil, fish oil  and the fat natural to fish and meats.

Sugar-free eating is crucial to a healthy life. We use all sweetners that exclude sugar from our diets these can include your choice of stevia, xyliltol, sweet & low, splenda, sucralose and sugar alcohols.  BUT, no aspartame, nutrasweet or equal are allowed here.  

Fructose, honey and other plant sugars are still just 'sugar' to the body and are not healthy and not needed.  Sugar and processed grains cause an inflammatory response in every cell of the body.  Inflammation is the root of all disease.  

Sugar is the food of cancer cells.  It is the food of parasites, yeast and other pathogens.

All processed grains and starches are used by the body as sugar.  The processed flour that is in cereals, pastas, bagels and other bread products are used by the body as plain old ordinary sugar.  

Those who especially should never never sugar:
     Those with diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, hyperinsulemia,
             syndrome X, metabolic syndrome or any blood sugar issues
     Those who have problems balancing their weight or who are overweight
     Those who are hyperactive, nervous or 'stressed-out'
     Those with poor memory and cognative thinking
     Those with bowel issues of any kind
     Those with heart issues of any kind
     Those with yeast problems i.e., sinuses, finger/toe nails, bladder or genital areas
     T hose with chronic unexplained conditions and infections    
     Those with inflammatory conditions, i. e., arthritis, fibromyalgia, ulceration, pain,
             headaches and 'achy'  conditions are causing these conditions or worsening
             these conditions by eating sugar and processed flour products
     Those with respiratory problems
     Those with autoimmune conditions
     Those with a lowered immunity
     Those who want to live a long, healthy, independent life

Andie, Annette, Dian, Bibi and Eric in the Kitchen


Any information from Dian's Wellness Simplified is not intended to replace
competent medical advice.   
It is offered for educational purposes only.  
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 and  is not meant to be prescriptive.