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A high protein diet with plenty of natural fats and basic
core supplements will help prevent premature aging and disease.


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It is my practice to mix all drugless healing modalities to create the program that is the perfect fit for each unique individual need

 I Use Quality Whole Herbs, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and Practitioner Grade Nutracuticals and Homeopathics

I prefer encapsulated herbs and use them first whenever possible
When choosing whole dried herbs you are choosing to heal with food

Whole herbs have not been manipulated by man.  
They are not ionized, colloidalized or pharmaceuticalized like some other
supplements that are taken to improve health.
I feel that if I don't share my choice of valuable herbal formulas with others that
 I will  be doing a disservice to my clients, family and friends.

Herbs are simply dried natural food and have been used since the dawn of mankind

I have explored and used many fine (and some less than fine) herbal products thus, I now use the best quality and formulations of those I have researched and/or used through out my career.  

Although I do use, on occasion, the nutraceuticals supplements recommended in
my clinical nutrition training, I have often found their effectiveness of limited benefit
compared with products left in as close-to-natural state as possible.    
In most cases I have found that the body recognizes and responds better to that which
 is natural over that which has been made or manipulated by man.

A practitioner must be familiar with the dependability, vitality and formulation of the products
 a client is using in order to anticipate consistent results by those who take them.

As is true in all things, quality counts.  Not all that is `natural' works as it is intended.  Potency and vitality are most important in nutritional supplements.  

It is important to get both your money's worth and your health's worth when taking supplements.  
All my clients will be offered the best quality and most consistent products on the market.

Our focus is on offering our insights and guidance while not being obligated
 to any financial or product influences.

Any information from Dian's Wellness Simplified is not intended to replace
competent medical advice.   
It is offered for educational purposes only.  
All information is based solely on our research, opinion and/or experience
 and  is not meant to be prescriptive.