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About the Fab Four Makovers      

The Fab Four
Not-So-Extreme Makeover
      Four Local Consultants, Experts in their Fields,
 Join forces for one hour to evaluate your unique needs
  Suzi Mack                Joy Nagarkar               Lynn Blenner               Dian Freeman  
  Master Esthetician          Color & Fashion Stylist             Master Hair Stylist               Clinical Nutritionist

  A $75 Evaluation Includes:
      *A Three-Month Plan - Five Personalized Programs outlining  
               steps to take towards health & beauty…inside and out
            1.  Diet and Supplement Program - Designed for specific
                         goals, i.e. weight, premature aging, stress, fatigue, etc.
            2.  Skin Care Evaluation - A skin care program including a list
                     of facials & treatments needed to optimize your skin.
            3.  Hair Analysis - Evaluation of hair texture & condition along
                  with face shape for the perfect color and cut.
               4. Style Assessment - Body shape and color analysis for the  
                        most flattering cut and wardrobe choices.
                 5. Bonus Suggestions -Team Appraisal of other needs,
                                     i.e., nails, makeup, teeth, more extreme options, etc.
         *Monthly Open House - With Tips, Topics & Speakers
         *Goody Bag - with Coupons and Handouts
Call for an Appointment          
(973) 267-7750

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MPHSA Annual Fashion Show
Cocktail Hour and Dinner
Grand Ballroom, Parsippany Hilton
April 15, 2005

      Stage Presentation by the Fab Four Makeover Team
                             Nine Models        Nine Makeovers

Before & After Lisa

Before & After Kate


 About The Fab Four Makeover:

   The Fab Four
                              Not-So-Extreme Makeover               

The Fab Four Not-So-Extreme Makeover is a concept designed
by four professional consultants to bring the popular trend of makeovers from the remote realm of national TV to within the
grasp of local New Jersey women.

    Working together, each of the Fab Four, being experts in their fields,
    will analyze a client with regards to her makeover goals and needs.  
    A series of five programs will be designed by the Fab Four team   
    during an one hour evaluation.  The client's goals will be considered
    as her makeover needs are determined & directed by the Fab Four.
    The makeover experience is designed to be one of high energy and
     excitement for both the team and the client.  Group evaluations are
     welcome and will magnify the fun as friends, in turn, can interact with
     the team.

     The Fab Four team will analyze a client's unique needs with
      professionalism, enthusiasm and thoroughness and consists of:
               Suzi Mack, Master Esthetician, `Beauty from the Outside In'
           Dian Freeman, Clinical Nutritionist, `Beauty from the Inside Out'
                   Lynn Blenner, Expert Hair Stylist, `Topping off Beauty'
          Joy Nagarakar, Fashion Stylist, `Beauty Through Color & Style'
     Each member of the Fab Four `Not-So-Extreme Makeover' team has
     the training and experience to determine the steps a client will need
     to create a total new image over a 3 month period.  These steps will
     be outlined in detail and given to each client in a personalized
     program booklet.  Pictures will be taken to track progress.  
    Additional private consultations are available to a client, but not
    necessary, with each member of the Fab Four team after the initial

    Once evaluated, the client will be encouraged to attend monthly
   `Open House' meetings with other makeover candidates to share
    experiences, learn new health and beauty tips, listen to speakers on
    beauty and health topics and garner the support needed to maintain
    their health and beauty programs.  Additional evaluations can be
    arranged at the end of the first 3 months as farther benefits can be
    always be achieved by the motivated.

    Makeover programs include recommendations for hair cut, color and
    style, a personalized nutritional program, skin care regime, wardrobe
    changes and makeup suggestions.   For those clients wanting more
    extreme measures, the Fab Four makeover team works with other
    experts and doctors.  These will include plastic surgeons, cosmetic
    dentists, personal trainers, Chiropractors and other professionals to
    compliment and complete a full range of makeover services.

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