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Private Holistic Health Consultations, Classes, Energy Technologies
Nutritional Certification Course, Diet, Weight- loss and Ondamed Biofeedback  

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I have noted that the children raised on medications
for every sniffle and sneeze and who were taught that
shots and drugs are the solution to every suspected
stress or imbalance often become the most likely to
seek out recreational drugs later in life.  Those given
healthy solutions at an early age will seek healthy
solutions throughout their life.
                                                           Dian Freeman

published June 2008 in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Dian's next six month nutrition program will begin
September 2017.  
Classes are held every other week on either Sundays or Thursdays

Graduates of this course will earn a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, CHHC

Dian has been teaching this course for over 14 years
and has over 750 graduates

Call Us at 973 267-4816 to
Put a deposit to hold your seat in Dian's Nutrition Program and to
Sign up for the many one-day classes that will be taught by Dian
during early spring through late summer, 2016
Morristown, New Jersey

Click Here for Saturday Half-Day Class Schedule open to the public

We are now accepting deposits to hold space for  
the fall/winter 2017 program

Classes will be held every other week 11am to 4pm
Weather and Holidays permitting

Sunday Program will  begin September 17th, 2017
Thursday Program will begin September 14th, 2017

Call to get on Dian's class interested Email list
she will be teaching many other one-day classes
this coming spring and summer.

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Danielle Receiving her HHC Certification from Dian, 2014     

Dian with Fall/Winter 2016/2017 CHHC Graduates

Dian with Fall/winter 2015/2016 CHHC Graduates
Congratulations Certified Holistic Health Counselors, CHHC
 Dolce Hotel and Resort, Basking Ridge, NJ

Fall/Winter Sunday 2014/2015 HHC Course
Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, NJ


 Dian's Certified Holistic Health Counselor Course
held all day every other week on Sundays
(12 one-day classes for 6 months)

Private Nutritional Consultations
Symptomology and Applied Kinesiology determines
each client's individualized
optimal diet and supplementation program.
We see Pets too!

Ondamed - Bio Feedback
Addressing pain, Weight , Smoking, Addictions, Premature Aging,
 Osteoporosis, Detoxification, Hyperactivity, Brain Function, Pathogens,
 Heavy Metals, Chemical toxins and much more
also for Psyche, Mental and Emotional Enhancement and Balancing

Weekly Classes & Workshops  
Herbs, Muscle Testing, Signs & Symptoms, Dr. Mom,
Keeping a Natural Medicine Chest, The ABCs of Health
Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, Emergency Preparedness
Traditional Diagnostics, Essential Oils- Aromatherapy,
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Overview of Energetic Modalities,
Nutritional Overview and MORE...

Cooking with Donna and Dian - Classes 2012

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Nutritional Certification Course

To be a Certified Holistc Health Counselor, CHHC
A six month course
Meets for One Day -Twice a Month

Every other Sunday 12:00 to 5:00

Spring/Summer 2016 Starts April 24th 2016

Fall/winter 2016/2017 starts October 9th 2016

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The Course Also Includes :
How to make sense of the contradictions offered by numerous nutritional approaches
and the conflicting information offered by the books written on nutrition
How to Practice Nutrition & The Business of Counseling
Body Systems & Their Nutritional Needs
Muscle Testing & Traditional Symptomology
Functional Nutrition & Blood Type Diet
An overview of complementary modalities
Vendors used, Herbs, Nutracuticals, Essential Oils, Energetics,
 food, Biofeedback and Health Technologies
Advanced Holistic Health Certification, AHHC, courses
will be offered for those who have completed the CHHC   


Which Life Are You Designing?

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