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Dian's Wellness Simplified

 One Day and Half Day Classes

 Weekday and Evening classes
will be offered starting Fall 2017
Open to the Public
Cost: $50 for Public
$35 for current and former students of Dian's various nutritional programs
Morristown, NJ -  RSVP at 973 267-4816

 Day Classes Open to the Public
                                               Blood Sugar - The Cause of All Disease
                                               Overview to Alternative Treatments for Cancer
                                               When and How to Safely Detox and Cleanse
                                                Understanding Hormone Systems
                                                Understanding our Sexual Hormone System
                                               The Insulin/Thyroid/Adrenaline/Cortisol Connection

                                              Weight Management Part One - Overview, Food and Blood Sugar Connection
                                              Weight Management Part Two - Budgeting Protein and Carbohydrates
                                              Weight Management Part Three - Menu Planning and Snacking
                                                  Weight Management  Part Four - Optimizing with Detox and Cleanse
                                              Weight Management  Part Five -  The Hormone Connection - Insulin/Thyroid/Adrenaline/Cortisol
                                              Weight Managemant  Part Six  -  Emotional Eating

                                      Applied Kinesiology Part One - Muscle Testing Nutritional Points
                                               Applied Kinesiology Part Two -  Body Functions: Evaluating for Balance
                                               Applied Kinesiology Part Three - Individuizing Spiritual and Emotional Insight
                                               Applied Kinesiology Part Four -  Universal Questions and Answers

                                              Energy Overview Part One - Nature's Vibrational Tools
                                              Energy Overview Part Two - Electro-Magnetic Vibrational Tools

                                      Blood Chemistry Part One - Reading Medical Blood Tests Naturally
                                              Blood Chemistry Part Two - Reading Medical Blood Tests Naturally

                                      Signs and Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies, Part One - Face and Tongue Reading
                                              Signs and Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies, Part Two - Your Body Is Talking

                                                                          ....And Many More
 Autoimmune Symposium
Sunday March 10, 2019  11-5pm
Knoll Country Club East, 1130 Knoll Road
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034
Music, Food, Vendors, Speakers, Cash Bar

Keynote Speakers
Burt Berkson, MD
Ed Leong
Dian Freeman
Bret Hartman, DC

for more information and Tickets
go to

Symposium given by Denise Otten, author of Curing Courtney
And a former graduate of Dian's Nutritional Certification Course


Dian  Event Speaker at Health Freedom Conference 2009
with Daryl and friend in Hunderton County

Keynote speaker, Dian Freeman  of  Dian's Wellness Simplified,
May 18th, 2014, fundraiser for the
 Promise of Hope Foundation , Dance for the Cure,
speaking on Alternative Treatment's for Cancer and dancing the night away.

May 18th, 2014, fundraiser for the
 Promise of Hope Foundation , Dance for the Cure,
Dian Freeman Keynote speaker

Dian Speaking at the opening of Barbara Morris'
NEW YOU  Health Center in Sparta

Cooking with Donna and Dian
October 24th 2012, 6:30-9pm
November 17th 1-3 pm

We just are having WAY too much fun -- Join Us

No-grain Baking

 Sugar-free Cheese Cake                    Grain-free Muffins                    Almond flour crackers

            ASD (American Soceity of Dowsers) Conference June 2012

Dian at the Wellness Simplified table

Darrell Brann making spheres

Adhi Two Owls and friend

                    Christina Lynn Whited's One Sprit Festival - May 2011

Dian And Brenda at Wellness Simplified Booth

                      Christina Lynn Whited's One Sprit Festival - May 2012

Christina Lynn and Dian at Christina's One Spirit Festival

Yet another Wellness Simplified booth

                   ASD - American Society Of Dowsers Conference, Vermont, June 2011

Christina Lynn Whited and Dian at Christina's Spritual Detox Booth
at ASD Conference, Lyndon, Vermont

                                 Christina Lynn teaching at ASD                                   Dian In Dorm at Lyndon Colege at ASD Conference

Darrell Brann with Harmonics of Healing CDs

Last Night Dinner at ASD Conference, Vermont

Fairy Falls Outing Hosted By Christina Lynn Whited, May 2011

Dian and Christina Lynn with Fairies and orbs 2011

Frank and Cujo with tiny fairies and orbs

Jean with small friends 2011 at Fairy Falls

Muscle testing class 2011

Dian Speaker at Hunderton County Health Freedom Event

                   New Jersey Natural Health Practitioners (NJNHP) 2006 Christmas Party
                                                       held at Wellness Simplified

                                          Sharon and Darryl                                                                                Dian and Gabriella
                                      The President & the Director
                         of NJ Natural Health Professionals, NJNHP

Vivian and Theresa

Megan, Francesca, Suzi and Christine


Dr. Indriani Maity

Dian and Dr. Glen Gero, Founder of NJNHP

Merry Christmas!